Beijing Rongyi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Beijing Rongyi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Beijing RongYi International Trade Co., LTD. Was established in January 27, 2016, scope of business including metallurgical products and raw materials, auxiliary materials needed for production; Ferrous and non-ferrous metal raw materials; Refractory materials, electronic products, building materials, chemical raw materials and products, sales of machinery and equipment, instruments and meters etc.

  • 102021-11

    The Role Of Metallurgical Equipment Blast Furnace

    Ferro-silicon has a wide range of uses and the market demand is gradually rising. People's understanding of ferrosilicon is also more comprehensive and detailed, but for the majority of users, they only understand the use and function of ferrosilicon but do not understand the smelting...

  • 082021-11

    Treatment Of Abnormal Furnace Conditions During...

    When smelting silicon-manganese alloy furnace conditions should pay extra attention to the abnormal situation to deal with in a timely manner, so as to avoid unnecessary losses, the following we introduce in detail this situation when the abnormal situation should be dealt with. (1) the...

  • 052021-11

    Application Characteristics Of Ferrosilicon

    The application of ferrosilicon alloy has a great impact on many industrial processes, and we need to pay more attention to its application characteristics when choosing these materials in our daily life so that we can apply this material more beneficially. Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy composed...

  • 172021-5

    Analysis On The Bright Future Of The Recarburiz...

    Due to the accelerated development of the market, the application cost of pig iron in the cast steel industry continues to increase, so some foundry manufacturers have also begun to look for new synthetic cast iron technology to improve product quality and production efficiency.